Our Family

Four generations have passed, since the Bratović family moved to Kaštelir, Istria from Ćićarija.


We have been working in agriculture for four generations, producing olive oil, wine, fruit and vegetables…

The last few years we have decided to specialize in olive oil production of the finest quality.
We have removed old vineyards and orchards and axpanded our olive groves to the size they are today.


We have combined our experience and tradition with the knowledge of a young mag. engineer of agronomy
(our youngest generation) in order to produce an olive oil which will be different than any other.

In a few years we have expanded our production, modernized our technology, improved our product and won a few golden medals for our olive oil.

In this phase we have decided to give our brand a name, a modern label and introduce it to a wider audience.

Our plan is to
expand our olive grove, work on further improvement of our product and winning
awards all over the world.